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What will my money go towards…

SOUTH AFRICA TRIP - Sinai was part of a mission trip to South Africa in 2016 that resulted in him and his former label producing an album that sent 100% of proceeds to this cause. A team will be going back in 2019 for the grand opening of the safe house and Sinai needs costs to cover travel. For more information on this project visit,

MISSION TRIPS - Since 2016, Sinai has been on 4 mission trips: two to Nairobi, Kenya and two to South Africa. He has a desire to continue traveling the world and serving others with his gifts while leveraging every opportunity for the Gospel.

MERCHANDISE - Sinai wants to release t-shirts, hats, socks, stickers and more! Free/Discounted merchandise will be available for those who help in this venture.

ALBUM RELEASE - Sinai has been working hard to produce high-quality art through music, visuals, and a range of other artistic expressions. He plans on releasing singles, music videos, an EP and full length album in 2019. He needs finances for production, promotion, song features and music videos.

TOURS - Sinai would like to bring his first tour to different venues around the world. Money is needed for production (lights, sounds), Promotion, Graphics and travel for Media Team)

VIDEOS CONTENT- Sinai wants to put out video content on topics that he is passionate about seeing change in such as Bullying, Racial Reconciliation, church hurt, Relationships/Marriage and more. He wants to bring awareness, encouragement and a few laughs to those in need of it.

You are free to give a one time donation or give a monthly donation. You will receive a more detailed outline of finances for you to know where your money is going as well as updates to see how impactful your support is. If you have any questions, please contact Nicole Morris at